Noemi completed her yoga-teacher training course in 2012 in Sydney in ELIXR with Don Peers and has been teaching ever since. Although she enjoys the physical benefit of yoga it is more of the mental clarity and calmness of the practice that keeps bringing her back to the mat. Noemi is also a regular meditator and has been meditating for four years.

Through teaching Noemi encouraging her students to go beyond the physical body and beyond the ego to find a deeper connection with themselves. Yoga is about being present through movement and through breath and it has nothing to do with how flexible or inflexible we are. She believes that anyone can greatly benefit from a regular yoga practice regardless of their physical level. She mainly teaches Hatha yoga and gentle Vinyasa Flow constantly tailoring the class to the student’s needs. Her classes are fun, informative and inspiring.

Noemi also works as a remedial massage therapist.